Full load road transport (FTL)


We provide transport services in Poland and other European countries.

  • neutral freight and dangerous goods (ADR), standard and mega trailers;
  • Road trains of internal height 2.65 - 3.00 m (88-100 cbm), max. 24 tons;
  • sets of high-cubature 120 cbm;
  • semi-refrigerated (temperature controlled to -18 degrees C);
  • rolling stock designed to carry goods in bulk (kipper, tank);
  • fleet equipped to carry plates (coilmulde).

Part load road transport (LTL)


Part loads road transport (LTL)

  • standard semitrailers and mega (normal and mega trailer);
  • Road train sets (high volume);
  • fleet of temperature controlled (refrigerated trailers);
  • shipping dedicated small vehicles with a capacity of 1.5 tons;
  • partial loads serve in the "door to door".

Dedicated Express Transport


Dedicated express transport:

  • express freight vans with a capacity of 0.7 t and 1.5 t and 3.5 t with additional services such as: unloading and unpacking of goods and receipt of packaging materials;
  • emergency transportation including travel very urgent shipments directly to the production of an individual determine the time of delivery;
  • optimal route plan;
  • allocation coordinator;
  • care from the moment of receipt of the order to unload;
  • GSM constant contact.

Additionally, we offer


Additionally, we offer:

  • monitoring the consignment;
  • sending regular reports on each stage of the order;
  • assistance in securing additional shipment Cargo insurance;
  • transport oversized cargo, carrying freight and within individual construction projects; serve both individual orders and shipments monthly plans, weekly schedules tailored to our clients;
  • Warranty coverage insurance package - Fright Forwarder's Liability Insurance;

Our advantages

  • concentration on Client's benefits
  • assisting the Client in the process of transportation and distribution
  • dedicated logistics solutions
  • punctuality of deliveries
  • excellent planning and forecasting
  • responsibility and credibility

We are:

  • specialized in road transportation solutions;
  • an expert of planning production and distribution process in order to create an excellent logistics system including transport services;
  • we deeply analyze your needs and we offer dedicated solutions within maximum capabilities of our vehicle fleet.

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