About us

Aero Transport operates in the capital of the Valley Aviation known for its aerospace industry developed and pilot training centers.

We are providing the highest quality services in the field of general cargo - road goods transportation, full truck load (FTL), less then truck load (LTL), refrigerated transport and dedicated express transport with vehicles up 1.5 - 3.5 tons. We rely on a team of Polish experts in the logistics sector, with many years of experience in the TSL industry in Europe certificates with Polish Motor Transport Institute at the domestic carriage of goods No.: 00542/F2/11 and international freight No.: 01371/F4/11. We know how to analyze the logistical elements to offer the best technical solutions that will allow you maximum use of transport capacity.

We are registered in the Economic Operators' Registration and Identification system by which formalities and customs operations are dealt with in an accelerated manner. Our EORI number: PL813262568100000. Aero Transport specializes in road transportation solutions. We are an expert of planning production and distribution process in order to create an excellent logistics system including transport services. We deeply analyze your needs and we offer dedicated solutions within maximum capabilities of our vehicle fleet. From September 2nd, 2013 we recived the status of Authorized Economic Operator - AEOS certificate - Security and safety - granted by the State - the Customs Chamber businesses well-organized, reliable, solvent, which include infrastructure and information systems security applied subject culminating in success difficult and detailed audit. The privilege of holding AEO status on the one side will take partial responsibility for the security of the external borders of the European Union, on the other hand allows a number of facilities provided by law. Businesses authorized institution is an essential part of the program relating to the implementation of mechanisms to ensure the safety and protection of the Community customs territory. Aero Transport it's 18th company in the Carpathian Voivodeship which received the AEO certificate and 631st in Poland on September 7th, 2013 . Commission Regulation ( EEC ) No 2454/93 laying down provisions for the implementation of Council Regulation ( EEC ) No 2913/92 establishing the Community Customs Code (OJ L 253, 11.10.1993 ,p.1, as amended . D.) - provides the following facilities and powers attaching to the status of AEO : 1 Status recognized throughout the European Community, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Andorra, China and USA. 2. Priority handling of customs declarations. 3. Shortening clearance under the simplified procedure for 30 minutes. 4. Reduced control of goods and documents. 5. Priority treatment if selected for control. 6. Selection of inspection. 7. Priority support any conclusions. Authorised Economic Operator AEO status is granted to the entrepreneur meets the conditions laid down by law and criteria, which include: 1. Appropriate compliance with customs requirements. 2. A satisfactory system of managing commercial and, where appropriate, transport records, which allows appropriate customs controls. 3. Proven financial solvency. 4. Appropriate security and safety standards. Our AEOS number : PLAEOS400000130018 .

We organize FTL & LTL road goods transports from(to) Poland to: Germany (Deutchland), Netherlands (Nederland), Belgium (Belgique / België), Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg), United Kingdom, Ireland (Éire), France, Andora, Spain (España), Portugal, Denmark (Danmark), Sweden (Sverige), Norway (Norge), Czech Republic (Česká republika), Slovakia (Slovensko), Hungary (Magyarország), Austria (Österreich), Slovenia (Slovenija), Italy (Italia), Romania (România), Bulgaria (България), Greece (Ελλάδα).

Aero Transport it's a Member of The Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Rzeszów, Poland. The Chamber, as an organization of economical self-government, associates enterprises and aims at development of Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

We are:

  • specialized in road transportation solutions;
  • an expert of planning production and distribution process in order to create an excellent logistics system including transport services;
  • we deeply analyze your needs and we offer dedicated solutions within maximum capabilities of our vehicle fleet.

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Strategy and Mission

Capital Independence of Aero Transport combined with the flexibility and close customer relationship are the three pillars of our company philosophy. They are also the foundations of long-term cooperation.

Our mission is to improve core business performance of our clients by providing advanced logistics solutions. We believe that our services are more efficient and economical alternative to the logistics activities undertaken on its own. Our aims are pursued above all thanks to the team of professionals, their dedication and deep knowledge of the industry.

Latest IT technologies

The company consistently invests in advanced IT solutions. We use a fully integrated system. INTERLAN SPEED program, supports the management of our company in the field of transportation and handling loads and groupage freight, fleet management and driver working time accounts, planning and optimization of transport.

Using a broad package of innovative solutions, both in the field of information technology and logistics, we are able to meet even the most demanding customers. We use external devices and leading IT solutions on a global level.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible Business of Aero Transport is implementing business strategy in a way that takes into account ethical, environmental and social.

Acting in the transport and logistics our  company establishes a real and honest relationships with stakeholders (employees, contractors, customers, suppliers) as well as trying to minimize the impact of their activities.

Respect the values of others, and at the same time conducting responsible business enables us to contribute to solving local problems.



concentration on Client's benefits


assisting the Client in the process of transportation and distribution


dedicated logistics solutions


punctuality of deliveries


excellent planning and forecasting


responsibility and credibility